Aerophone Basics

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Aerophone AE-05/10/20/30


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  • Set-up lessons for the Aerophone AE-05/10/20/30, covering batteries, power, audio, USB and bluetooth connections.
    (There is a dedicated course for the Aerophone Mini - See Mini Basics.)
  • Learn correct hand position, breathing, articulation, sound selection and transposition. 
  • 20 video lessons to learn every note and the alternatives on the instrument, with detailed explanations and playing tips on how to get the best from each sound.
  • Sessions on improvisation and help with reading music. (Music reading is not required) 
  • Downloadable sheet music PDFs and backing tracks for each lesson.
  • 30 original tunes and many well-known tunes to help you get results fast and inspire your practice sessions.
  • Start playing great tunes straight away and complete the whole course in just 90 days. Download your practice sheet to track your progress. 
  • The notes are taught from a saxophone perspective. Great if you have started the saxophone or aim to transition onto a saxophone. 
  • Regular live webinars with Alistair to get your questions answered and join a community of other players. 
  • Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. 

The most important thing about learning an instrument is getting good habits right from the start. You may already know some notes on the Aerophone, and at first glance, when you start the Basics course, you may well think that this is too easy for you. 
It's important to understand that the Basics course starts right at the beginning. It has been carefully designed to cover all aspects of technique over the course of 20 lessons. 
Yes, you might find the notes very easy at first, but can you articulate them cleanly? Can you imitate the phrasing and dynamic shape? Can you play exactly in time with the backing track? Can you read all the details in the sheet music? Are you breathing correctly? Is your embouchure set up well? Don't worry, this won't all happen in the first lessons. 
The course soon moves on to harder material which any player will find helpful in developing a sound technique. As the course progresses, I'll explain many  aspects of technique and ways to improve.
There is no magic fix I'm afraid. Becoming a good player takes time, patience, understanding and above all, lots or practice. 

You'll see below a complete run down of what's included in the course to help you make your decision before you purchase. 

Are you ready to become the player you want to be?

With over 40 years of teaching experience, and 4 million views on YouTube, my goal is to help you become the Aerophone player YOU want to be.


Alistair Parnell


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  • Set-up lessons for AE-05/10/20/30
  • Learn every note in 20 lessons
  • Downloadable PDF for each lesson
  • Downloadable backing tracks
  • Over 8 hours of video tuition
  • Monthly webinars to get your questions answered
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What people are saying

Michael Healey

Alistair is a born teacher and able to take students carefully and patiently through all that they need to know to progress, and in a logical and sensible order and pace. He is a consummate musician,  and comfortable in a wide variety of musical genres.

His enthusiasm and great experience in the world of synthesis and electronics, especially in relation to wind synthesizers shines through all of his teaching, from which I have personally benefited a great deal. I could not recommend anybody in this field more highly. 

Mike Allen 

Over the past 4 years I have had numerous lessons with Alistair and found him a superb tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable of his subject matter and has the rare ability to impart this knowledge to his pupils, at their pace, in a very engaging manner. 

Helen Jones

This is just what I was looking for. A step by step guide to learning the Aerophone. I'm really enjoying the tunes with backing tracks and Alistair explains things really clearly. I can connect my phone to the aerophone, watch a lesson and practice without disturbing my kids in the evening. 

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